Student Projects – BECOR

Student Projects

The following is a list of some of the projects that students from the Bachelor of Building Science program have been working on (individually or in teams)

  • An educational diagnostic tool for mold in deteriorating residential housing in Waswanipi
  • Hygrothermal performance and constructability challenges of prefabricated panels in Ontario
  • Post-occupancy evaluation of a MURB passive building and a single-family passive House
  • “Preconditioning composite panel materials to maintain integrity in different climates”
  • “Accelerated degradation testing to predict service life of glass fiber reinforced polymer rebar (GFRP)exposed to winter conditions“
  • “Challenges in achieving passive house standard through retrofit“
  • “Comparison of building air infiltration algorithms using eQUEST and openstudio energy modeling software“
  • “Impact of increased insulation on moisture performance of retrofit masonry wall assemblies“ 
  • “Performance testing of window/wall interfaces of four typical installations“
  • “Sensitivity Analysis and parametric study to optimize the approach to renovate a school building“
  • “Comparative analysis of the efficiency of common technologies to reduce thermal bridging in balconies “
  • “Daylighting strategies that maximize energy savings “
  • “Evaluation of potential solutions for a concrete foundation water leakage in a commercial building located in the coast“
  • “Comparative analysis of the impact of quality  installation of common air barrier systems in the performance of residential buildings“
  • “Remediation for cracking mud structures“
  • “Addressing the Challenges of Net-Zero Energy Ready by 2030”
  • “Reconciling Water Content of Building Materials with Wood Moisture Content of Embedded Surrogate Moisture Sensors”
  • “Challenges evaluating moisture retention in walls using a drainage balance“
  • “Passive house compliant window design”
  • “Optimization of slab concrete mix to enhance performance of hydronic heating systems using Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) piping”
  • “Waterproofing repair of existing underground concrete structures in high pressure conditions”

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